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Videos of Dick and Dee Dee

This page features a collection of Dick and Dee Dee video clips. These are the original footage featuring the duo performing their hits.

Dick and Dee Dee Sing Roy Orbison's "Crying"

Recorded live at the Chicago Theatre on May 9, 2009.

Dick and Dee Dee - Turn Around (2009)

Dick and DeeDee in Costa Mesa on Feb 14, 2009 at the Orange County Performing Arts Center.

Use What You've Got

Dick and Dee Dee sing “Use What You've Got”.

Blue Turns to Gray

Dick and Dee Dee perform "Blue Turns to Gray" on Hollywood A Go Go. The Rolling Stones are playing the background tracks and Mick and Keith wrote the song.

Turn Around

Dick and Dee Dee perform their hit “Turn Around” for Dick Clark.


Dick and Dee Dee, backed by the Astronauts perform the Al Capps and Mary Dean classic, "Heartbeats" from the movie, "Wild Wild Winter".

I'm a Believer

Performed in Jackson, TN. May, 2012

The Mountain's High

A Shot of Rhythm and Blues

Dick and Dee Dee perform “A Shot of Rhythm and Blues” by Terry Thompson.

Thou Shall Not Steal

Dick and Dee Dee perform their hit “Thou Shall Not Steal” on “Ready, Steady, Go!” in England.

Should We Tell Him?

Dick and Dee Dee perform “Should We Tell Him?” by The Everly Brothers.

Liar Liar

Dick and Dee Dee perform “Liar Liar” by the Castaways, on Shindig, with Billy Preston on keyboard.

Tahitian Traditional

Dick and Dee Dee perform traditional Tahitian music.

Be My Baby

Dick and Dee Dee perform “Be My Baby” on the beach, from the television show "Where the Action Is.

Where Did All The Good Times Go?

This was a Scopitone that was filmed at the Santa Monica Pier in California with the duo singing, “Where Did All the Good Times Go.”

Lightening Strikes

Dick and Dee Dee perform “Lightening Strikes” on the television show 'Shindig' on January 8, 1966. Note the Batman and Robin costumes.

Birds and Bees

Sung on the TV show "Shindig"

You're Gonna Mess Up a Good Thing / Be My Baby Medley

(with Jackie Wilson and Shirley Ellis)

Young and In Love

Performance at Costa Costa Mesa, LA on February 14, 2009.

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