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REBIRTH: New Dick & Dee Dee CD!

We are proud to announce the release of the new Dick and Dee Dee 4 song EP CD, "REBIRTH." Deke Detanna and Dee Dee Phelps (rather than Dick and Dee Dee) have put their unique spin on hit songs from 2010-2012.

Vinyl Highway Memoir: The Dick and Dee Dee Story

vinyl highway memoir by dee dee phelps"Vinyl Highway" goes on tour across the 1960's with this honest, insightful, and humorous chronicle of destiny and rock-and-roll, as 18-year old Mary Sperling transforms from shy college student to hit singer/songwriter, half the singing team, Dick and Dee Dee, one of the most popular recording duos of the time.

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When a song she and Dick wrote and recorded becomes a national hit, sudden fame pushes her into singing and touring and no one is more surprised than "Little Mary," still juggling classes, a candy store job, and writing songs on the side.

Dick and Dee Dee create five hits, ‘The Mountain's High,’ ‘Tell Me,’ ‘Young and In Love,’ ‘Turn Around,’ and ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal...’

For the next five years she travels the world with Dick St. John, performing on stages with everyone from Dionne Warwick and Tina Turner to the Beach Boys and Rolling Stones.

Recording for Liberty and Warner Brothers Records, Dick and Dee Dee create five hits, "The Mountain's High," "Tell Me," "Young and In Love," "Turn Around," and "Thou Shalt Not Steal," diverse music ranging from rock and roll to ballads and folk songs.

From 1964 and 1966, the duo performs as semi-regulars on the national television show, "Shindig." In the process, Dee Dee learns to find her own voice and starts to forge her own identity.

As the Sixties progress, the music scene becomes complicated. Her mentor - an insightful monk - helps guide her through this journey, shining a light on her destiny and revealing the promise of her future.

Whether traveling on an integrated tour in segregated Texas, struggling with Dick's demands, entering a romantic relationship with her manager or observing quiet moments at Lake Shrine, "Vinyl Highway" illuminates the dark side of fame in the 1960's and offers glimpses of hope and light for the future.

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