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Table of Contents

Section One: "The Mountain's High"

Chapter 1
Little Mary's on the Radio
Chapter 2
The Roller-Coaster Ride Begins
Chapter 3
Maybe, Someday, I'll be a Star
Chapter 4 (read excerpt)
Heat, Cactus and Segregation
Chapter 5
The Monk
Chapter 6
Mentor Sharon
Chapter 7
Life in a Sedan

Section Two: "Tell Me"

Chapter 8
Growth Brings Change
Chapter 9
Trains, Snow, and Six Meals a Day
Chapter 10
Struggling for a Hit Record
Chapter 11
Confronting Liberty Records

Section Three: "Young and in Love"

Chapter 12
Two Excellent Career Moves
Chapter 13
Destiny Brings a Key Player
Chapter 14
Dick Clark Caravan of Stars Tour
Chapter 15
Speechless Dick

Section Four: "Turn Around" and "Thou Shalt not Steal"

Chapter 16
"Turn Around"
Chapter 17
The Day the World Changed Forever
Chapter 18
A Meditation Technique
Chapter 19
Competition and My New Car
Chapter 20
Will We Have Another Hit?
Chapter 21
New Song, New Manager, New Direction
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Recording Over Stones' Tracks in London

Section Five: "Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind"

Chapter 24
Murray the K's Brooklyn Paramount Shows
Chapter 25
Band Attack
Chapter 26
Stealing my Poker Chips
Chapter 27
Pi and Jerry/Ike and Tina
Chapter 28
Engagement by Default
Chapter 29
"Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind"
Chapter 30
Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Chapter 31
The Great Year
Chapter 32
First Home
Chapter 33
Rumblings From Viet Nam
Chapter 34
We Bite the Hand That Feeds Us
Chapter 35
Baby Chris
Chapter 36
Assassinations and Snakes
Chapter 37
An Era Ends
Billboard Magazine Discography
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